Welcome to Moviemaker2’s Documentation!


How to proceed with this documentation

When you don’t know what moviemaker2 is about, read the Summary of the Project.

When you want an example of how moviemaker2 works out in code, try the Tutorials. Elements of Moviemaker2 will be good company in this, but not a necessary prerequisite.

When you already know what moviemaker2 does, but want to know it’s structured, read Elements of Moviemaker2.

When you want to start your own moviemaker2 programs, but don’t know really how to do that, the Coding Style might help you. Note, this is especially about extending moviemaker2.

When you want to know the API of a specific part of moviemaker2, check out the API.


Moviemaker2 is still in flux. The API might still change (and it did sometimes quite dramatically). So don’t rely on this.

The docs are still somewhat incomplete, may you please excuse this.

Feel free to email me at friedrichromstedt@gmail.com if you have any thoughs, suggestions, or similar.

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